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Warning: If you do not agree with all or part of the terms and conditions below, it is highly recommended you do not use the website (hereinafter the Website).
These terms of use are governed by Belgian law. In case of dispute, only the courts of Belgium shall have jurisdiction.

This legal notice and terms are intended to define the conditions and procedures for making available a free service research Health Professionals (hereinafter "Healthcare Professional") and appointment making in line. These terms are supplemented or amended, as appropriate, by specific terms and conditions of use specific to certain features.
The service is restricted to natural persons capable of entering into contracts under Belgian law. User is considered (hereinafter "User") of the Site accessible at, anyone who visits the Site and / or using the Site and associated services.


A free service research Health Professionals and online booking medical appointments proposed by the company WebMed scs (hereinafter WebMed) to the User, subject to its unconditional acceptance of these terms and conditions.
The User declares and acknowledges having read the entirety of these terms and conditions. Furthermore, the connection to any of the services offered on the Site accessible at: "" (hereinafter the Website "") carries a acceptance by the User of these terms.

The WebMed scs company reserves the right to modify at any time, in whole or in part, these general conditions. The User therefore belongs to regularly consult the latest version of the Terms posted at "http: // www.". The User is deemed to accept this latest version with each new connection to the Site.
In case of non-compliance by the User of these terms, WebMed the company reserves the right to suspend the services without notice, and / or deny access to the service.


The implementation of the Service WebMed scs based on the collection, treatment and accommodation of personal health data under the provisions of the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy against personal data processing, the user can not benefit from the Service WebMed scs, under the following cumulative conditions precedent:
• Be of age, which expressly guarantees any User. The main user can use the Service WebMed scs minor benefit (s) for which he exercises parental authority, it expressly declares,
• Having accepted these terms and conditions
• After being informed of the rights they have on data concerning him, have expressly consented to the collection, treatment and accommodation of its health personal data by an authorized host the meaning of those provisions.
All health professionals who have subscribed to the Service WebMed scs may be identified during the search of a healthcare professional. The User expressly acknowledges having been informed that:
• Health professionals identified from the Service WebMed scs do not necessarily represent the completeness of competent health professionals and available in specialty and geographic area selected by the User, and as such, it belongs to him, if desired, to use the directories available to identify other health professional of his choice;
• In no event will the company WebMed scs valid, selects or verify the competence of health professionals Service subscribers WebMed scs,
• use of the Service WebMed scs not dilute, modify, or mitigates directly or indirectly the responsibility and duties of health professionals WebMed scs Service subscribers vis-à-vis users, health professionals practicing their professional practice independently, according to their personal legal and regulatory obligations and under their sole responsibility;
• WebMed scs is not responsible for any cancellation or unavailability of health professional subsequent to its identification and scheduling of an appointment through the Service WebMed scs. The User agrees to ensure third party access to its risks via the account opened WebMed Service scs because of the sensitivity of the data it captures.


1.1 Search Professional Health and make an appointment online and in real time

The website "www." allows the user to search for a Health Professional according to various criteria (location-based, specialty, languages ​​...), consult the page of Health Professionals and make an appointment online for a consultation at an hourly indicated as available by the Health Care Professional. Each appointment is transmitted in real time to the Healthcare Professional. Users can also manage appointments (cancellation, modification) and follow the history of appointments.
If the user were to be declared absent by a healthcare professional using the Service WebMed scs three of his appointment, he does it will be possible to make an appointment online up until a Health Professional using the Service WebMed scs not unlock their account.

1.2 Related services

The User authorizes the Company WebMed scs to send SMS and e-mails whose purpose is to issue information about the appointment he took on the Site.
The user also authorizes the company WebMed scs to notify it by SMS or email any practical information about health professionals that are part of the list of "My Health Professionals" available on behalf of each User, or any information Health sent by these same health professionals.

Any healthcare professional with whom the user has made an appointment is automatically added to this list.
The user has the possibility to modify its list directly from your account.
The user may recommend one or more positively Health Professional directly from the page of each healthcare professional. This recommendation is anonymous and the User agrees that it is sincere and reasonable.

1.3 Warning

It is up to the User to make any checks that seem necessary or appropriate before proceeding with any reservation at one of the Health Professionals on the Site "www.".
WebMed scs is not responsible for the accuracy of the information contained on the page of each healthcare professional. Accuracy and update this data is the sole responsibility of the Health Care Professional.


The services offered and described in these terms, are free.

2.1 Warning

The use of the Web Site "www." in accordance with these Terms is free for the User.
However, the User acknowledges that the Site "" refers to paid services. Including, for example, following a booking made through the website "www.", the User acknowledges and accepts that the delivery of health conducted by the healthcare professional present on the website "www. "be paid.
When the company provides WebMed scs on its website "www." details regarding rates of fees of a healthcare professional such information is provided for information only and for convenience. In no event shall the company WebMed scs guarantee the accuracy of such information.


Upon account creation, the user is assigned a username and password (hereafter "Identifiers"), enabling it to access their private account.

3.1 Confidentiality identifiers

The identifiers are personal and confidential. They can only be changed at the request of the User or at the initiative of the company WebMed scs.

Users are solely and entirely responsible for the use of the identifiers on and committed to make every effort to keep secret its Identifiers and not to disclose to anyone in any form whatsoever.
In case of loss or theft of one of the IDs for the User is responsible for any harmful effect of the loss or theft, and should contact WebMed scs +32 2880 September 41, in the shortest time .

3.2 Evidence Convention

The parties expressly agree that:
• presence of an identification code validly identifies the author of a document or message and establish the authenticity of the document or message
• an electronic document containing an identification code is equivalent to a writing signed by the issuing person
• the parties may take advantage of printing on paper of an email message from an email program to prove the content of the exchanges they have about the execution of these general conditions.
3.3 Information Exchange
The User accepts the use of email for the transmission of information requested on the conclusion or performance of the contract.


The company WebMed scs, in strict compliance with the law and regulations in force, is seeking certain information. This information is collected in accordance with provisions on the protection of personal data and are intended to offer the user a personalized and optimal use of the Site "".
The User is informed by these general terms of what personal data marked as mandatory on forms and collected through the service described in these terms and conditions are required to use this service are used only as part of this service and are exclusively dedicated to the company WebMed scs and health professional partners, who are committed to preserving the confidentiality of these data.
Among the User's personal data that the Company collects from him may include:
• His full name
• Mail Address
• His phone number
• His date of birth
• His genre
• Data on his appointment
• The reason for his appointment
• The IP address (virtual address of his computer)
• Its password

In case of non-presentation of the User to his appointment, the Professional Health Professional indicated via the interface scs WebMed that the patient does not show up at the rendezvous. Users will be able to follow a history of appointments faithful from his account on the website and know his presentation rates to appointments he makes. The User expressly authorizes the Company WebMed scs to collect this data and to transmit the User's presentation rate healthcare professional at the time of appointment outlet.

The collection of personal data does not show directly or indirectly, ethnic origin, political opinions, religious or philosophical or trade union membership of people, nor of the health data or sexual life thereof.

The data about the user is collected and processed fairly and lawfully for specified, explicit and legitimate, not further processed in a way incompatible with those purposes in a form which permits identification of data subjects for a period n does not exceed the period necessary for the purposes for which they were collected and processed.

Personal data are not subject to processing operations by a subcontractor or a person acting under the authority of the controller or of the sub-contractor, under instruction from the controller in WebMed scs society.

The data are collected and processed strictly for:
• In the Health Professional service subscriber WebMed scs for information concerning him following a meeting outlet.
• At the company WebMed scs for the proper functioning of the Site and the implementation of its service. Personal data collected are designed to enable the implementation of the Service making appointments online. These data are necessary for the proper functioning of the Service and are used for the following purposes:
• Provide the healthcare professional the information necessary for the organization and preparation of the appointment of the User
• Allow the user to manage at any time all of his appointments through a secure personal account
WebMed scs ensures that personal data, including the personal health information will not be transmitted to any unauthorized third party. The User is informed that he has a right of access, rectification, opposition and deletion of his data concerning him, he can exercise by contacting the company WebMed scs. Each user has consented to the collection, treatment and accommodation of his personal data and in particular health data.

In addition, each healthcare professional is the data controller within the meaning of the Law of 8 December 1992 on the protection of privacy in respect of personal data processing, implemented from data Personal collected via the website www. under management programming and appointments to follow him.

4.1 Cookies

The website "www." and / or its partners can store information on the User's computer. This information will take the form of a "Cookie" or similar file. "Cookies" are data that contain no personal information and are sent through the server on the hard disk of the User's computer. The role of such cookies is to more quickly identify the user when connecting and facilitating participation in certain events, promotions, activities ... on the Site "www.".
The WebMed scs company can not guarantee the optimal operation of the Site "www." if the User refuses to accept cookies.

The User acknowledges and agrees that the company WebMed scs reserves the possibility of implementing a "Cookie" in his computer to record all information relating to the navigation of its computer on the website "www.".

4.2 Use of Data

Guests of WebMed scs, as part of the feature "invite friends on the service" may disclose to third WebMed scs email addresses.
The WebMed scs Users undertake communicating these addresses to have obtained the explicit and informed consent of their owners. Consequently, the customer releases WebMed scs any liability for the use of these emails as part of sending an invitation to the customer's account WebMed scs (email).
WebMed scs agrees not to use third party email addresses for other uses.
All e-mail sent to the address WebMed scs collected during the first User's booking will be in relation to the service described in these terms and conditions.
4.3 Right of access, correction and objection
The User has a right of access and rectification of this data can be exercised by unchecking a box for this purpose on the "My Account" User or by sending a message to the email address Next: "".
The User may also exercise its right to object to the use of this data for legitimate reasons by sending messages to this end the following address: "".


5.1 Network operation

Given the specificities of the Internet, the company WebMed offers no guarantee continuity of service, being held in this regard that an obligation of means.
Responsibility for WebMed company can not be held liable for damages related to the temporary inability to access any of the services offered by the website "www.".
The WebMed Service is accessible securely via the Internet and requires the availability of Internet access by any means the selection, the charge and the User's expense. The proper functioning of WebMed Service is subject to the conditions of access to the Internet by the User (coverage, saturation, availability) and its limits, and any restrictions.
WebMed scs not be held responsible for a malfunction WebMed Service and its consequences resulting from a malfunction or restricted access to the Internet or degraded. Generally, WebMed scs does not guarantee that:
• functionality WebMed Service will satisfy all the user's needs;
• WebMed the Service will function normally when used in combination with other applications, software or other installed components or synchronized with the equipment / User's equipment,
• WebMed the Service will be free of error or malfunction.

In the absence of technical possibility to authenticate the age of the users, it is up to each User to implement appropriate safety devices for protection and restriction of access by minors to WebMed Service.

5.2 Modification of Site

All information contained on the website "www." are subject to change at any time, given the interactivity of the website, without this liability of WebMed society.

5.3 Use of the Website

The company WebMed scs accept liability for any loss or damage arising from the use or inability to use the website "www." or its contents.

The company WebMed scs does not guarantee that the information presented are comprehensive, complete, verified or accurate. The documents, information, listings, and in general, all content on this Site "www." are supplied "is", without any express or implied warranty of any kind.

The User expressly acknowledges that the photos on the website "www." are not contractual.

In general, the User agrees and acknowledges that the reservation is not guaranteed. In this sense, the WebMed does not guarantee the effectiveness of the booking service. Availability is checked in real time by computer and a time slot is actually blocked by computer for a consultation. However, the company WebMed can not physically verify the accuracy of information collected and / or provided by the partners, the User accepts the responsibility for WebMed society can not be committed if the User fails to receive benefits Health of the Health Professional restaurant. Indeed, the settings of real-time reservation software depends in part on information provided and / or registered with the Health Professional and may not correspond to reality. For example and without limitation, the User acknowledges and accepts that the responsibility for WebMed society is sought in any case in the event of cancellation of reservation, if closed institution, for any reason Whether, or for refusing delivery, for any reason whatsoever.

5.4 User's Warranties

The User declares that he knows the characteristics and constraints of the Internet. It recognizes in particular that it is impossible to guarantee that the data will be transmitted via the Internet User will be fully secured. WebMed The company can not be held responsible for any incidents that may arise from this transmission.

The User therefore communicates to his peril. The company can only bring WebMed assurances that it uses all the means at its disposal to ensure maximum security.

The User agrees to indemnify the company WebMed up costs that the company should bear WebMed a result of any claim or dispute, legal or otherwise, related to the use of services defined herein and the User WebMed company guarantees from condemnation as such in case of judicial proceedings.

In any event, the User expressly acknowledges and agrees to use the Website "" at its own risk and under his sole responsibility.

5.5 Hyperlinks

The Website "" contains links to other Internet sites like the one owned by the National Council of the Medical Association for example. The Linked Sites are not under the control of the company WebMed scs and scs WebMed the company is not responsible for the content of these linked sites. It is your responsibility to make any checks that you consider necessary or expedient prior to any transaction with any of these third parties.



6.1 Accept without limitation these terms and conditions

By opening an account, the User accepts expressly and without reservation, the terms of these general conditions and any special conditions present on the Site.

6.2 Communicate accurate, true and accurate

The User is obliged to transmit accurate and true information including its title, name, or given names, email address, telephone, necessary for proper identification to open an account.

6.3 Business Action

The Service WebMed scs can not be used for the benefit of any commercial activity or corporation or any third party. Users may not use the Service WebMed scs under an illegal activity or violates the rights of third parties.

6.4 Cancellation or postponement of appointment

ATTENTION, the User is informed that the scheduling of an appointment through the Service WebMed scs constitutes a firm commitment on its part, and that any no show at a scheduled appointment must be a prior notice of cancellation or postponement with the Health Professional subscriber to the Service WebMed scs: this information can be made either via the system proposed cancellation WebMed scs via the Service or by any means of contact Health Professional subscriber , the User's choice. The user agrees to be informed that only assumes the consequences of his no-show at an appointment vis-à-vis the healthcare professional concerned.

6.5 Respect the national and international intellectual property law

The User agrees not to submit, copy, resell, republish, or generally made available by any form whatsoever any information or materials, the company received WebMed scs or available on the Website "www.doctocity .be ", to another person or entity, in any country. In general, the User agrees to comply with the following applicable intellectual property provisions.


7.1 Property Rights

All rights, economic and moral, intellectual property relating to content and the website information elements "" private property of the company WebMed scs, subject to any property right that may belong to a third parties and for which the Company obtained WebMed scs disposals necessary rights or permissions.
The rights granted to the User for use of the Site "" and services provided by the company WebMed scs no outweigh any assignment or authorization to operate or use any Website elements "".

7.2 Protection of all elements.

All elements contained on the website "www." and associated sites are protected by national and international law on intellectual property. These elements remain the exclusive property of WebMed scs.

7.3 Prohibition of unauthorized use

Therefore, without the prior written permission of WebMed scs, the User may not proceed with any reproduction, republication, redistribution, adaptation, translation and / or transformation or partial or transfer to another website any component and element present on the Site "".

7.4 Sanctions

The User recognizes and acknowledges that failure to comply with this prohibition constitutes an act of infringement as reprehensible as civilly criminally.


8.1 Suspension or permanent withdrawal of the service

In case of default or breach by User of any of the obligations and stipulations set out in these terms and conditions, the company WebMed scs may modify, suspend, limit or terminate access to the service without the -ci can claim any any compensation.

8.2 Damages

The company WebMed scs will also be entitled to claim damages to compensate the damage suffered.


9.1 Governing Law

The relationships that develop between the Company WebMed scs and the user, notably governed by these terms and conditions are subject to Belgian law, to the exclusion of any other state legislation. If writing of these terms in multiple languages ​​or translation, the French version shall prevail.

9.3 Severability - Dissociation - Securities

In the event that any provision of these terms be invalid, illegal, unenforceable or inapplicable in any way, the validity, legality or enforceability of the remaining provisions of these terms and conditions shall remain unaffected or impaired, the other stipulations of the general conditions remain in force and retain their full effect.

The company WebMed scs will if necessary proceed with the drafting of a new clause to the effect of restoring the common will of the Parties as expressed in the initial clause, and this in compliance with the law in force applicable to the present conditions General.

The section headings herein are indicative only and should not be considered as an integral part of the general conditions.

9.4 No Waiver

Unless stated otherwise possibly provided in these terms and conditions, no tolerance, inaction, abstention or omission, no company behind WebMed scs to avail of any of its rights pursuant to the terms hereof, shall affect any such right, nor should it imply a waiver for the future to take advantage of such a right. On the contrary, that right will remain in full force.

9.5 Notification of illegal content and withdrawal

The company WebMed scs inform any user of the Site "" that may notify a claim or objection to elements or illegal content placed on the site "".

If you believe that your items or content placed on the "" Site are illegal and / or infringe the copyright it holds, the User must immediately notify the company WebMed scs by mail, containing all supporting elements of ownership of rights if necessary. Once this procedure and after verifying the accuracy of the notification, the company WebMed scs will endeavor, to a reasonable extent and as soon as possible, to remove the infringing content. It being specified that the responsibility of society WebMed scs can not be held liable for content on the Site "" and modifiable by third parties.

10. Termination

Each User may at any time terminate the subscription of their account by contacting the company WebMed scs.
Phone: +32 2880 September 41 E-mail:

Each User acknowledges being informed and accepts that WebMed deactivates their account immediately in case of breach of any of the obligations described in these terms and conditions or the applicable legislation without notice or formal notice or compensation of any kind.